Maserati Magneti Marelli M139 M145

The sat nav system fitted on Maserati Quattroporte and Gran Turismo, is made by Magneti Marelli.
The M139 is found on the Quattroporte, and usually comes with Built in Bluetooth.
The M145 is found on the Gran Turismo, comes with Bluetooth as optional and can take a phone sim card.
Maserati does not offer software updates on CD, instead the vehicle must be taken to the dealer for the updates to be done in the workshop.
The most recent version i have come across is CD number 4280.
Usual faults on these systems are:

Faulty CD drive
No boot up
Stuck on Maserati logo
No GPS signal

At Autotronics, we can offer a repair service, depending on the fault description.
We can also offer spare parts for these systems.